Marie Van Rompaey


Clara Buelens


Alexis Gilson


Yo yo yo, crazy ass bit**ez, wassup skrraahh pap pap kakaka skidiki pap pap

After a massive first semester, the party goes on.

Hope to see al ya pretty faces on our camp, cuz it’s gon be lit


Juicy C Ca$h, Lady Flava & Humble Momma


Zondag 28 januari I 10.00-12.30 | Sint-Ludgardis 

Weaky weaky eggs and bakey!!! Ya awesome leading made ya sum breaky.

Zondag 4 februari 

Lady Flava, Humble Momma and Juicy C Ca$h are on vacay.

Zondag 11 februari

Still on vacay, sorry gurlz

Zondag 18 februari | 10.00-12.30 | Sint-Ludgardis

We be poppin’ questions about life and love nigguh! Cause it’s all connected ma man

Zondag 25 februari | 08.45-16.30 | Sint-Michielscollege

First; meet up with the dopest of ‘em all (God), then we be livin’ the big city life

Zondag 4 maart | 10.00-12.30 | Sint-Ludgardis

Bring ur besties and an empty stomache, it’s time to eat sum bittah baaallzzzzz

Zondag 11 maart | 10.00-12.30 | Sint-Ludgardis

Today we gon be poppin some likes on our selfieees but first we gotta make sum dope outfits, man

Zondag 18 maart| 08.45-16.30 | Sint-Michielscollege

Churchtimeee, afterwards we gonna hunt sum treasures

Zondag 25 maart | 10.00-12.30

No meet up this weekend, we on team building

Zondag 1 april | 10.00-12.30

No april fools, no meeting! The thing goes skrrrrah pah pah pah pah pah

Zondag 8 april | 10.00-12.30 | Sint-Ludgardis

We be preparing our churchtime with the one and only cisseuuh

Zondag 22 april | 08.45-16.30 | Sint-Michielscollege

Churchduty! Then on to our next mission, cooking sum dope (oops we meant dinnah)

Zondag 29 april | 10.00-12.30 | Sint-Ludgardis


Zondag 6 mei | 10.00-12.30 | Sint-Ludgardis

Apple and eggsssskkrrrrt

Zondag 13 mei | 08.45-17.30 | Sint-Michielscollege

We B visiting church and the big beautiful ocean niggu, bring yo swimsuits